KitchenAid Artisan vs Classic Plus – 7 Potential Deal Breakers

KitchenAid Classic vs Classic Plus vs Artisan Stand Mixer Comparison and Review

KitchenAid Classic Series

~$40 Savings here…

Discount not big enough to justify purchase.

KitchenAid Classic Plus Series

$150 Savings Here…

KitchenAid Artisan Series

Save $170 on this page…

2018 Deal Prices Above deal prices were valid as of 9.00 PM CST 04/03/2018.

The deals may expire anytime after, please click the above links to check current price

1. Motor 250 watts 275 watts 325 watts
All of the above stand mixers (even the Professional 5 Plus and Professional 600) have AC motors that work on Alternative Current (AC). They will do wonders for an ‘average’ US home! However, if you are a power-user, you need a KitchenAid that is powered by a DC motor (DC stand for Direct Current). The most popular KitchenAid stand mixers with DC motors are this 1.3 Horse Power KA stand mixer and this 1.0 Horse Power KA mixer. If you are a frequent kneader of dough (bread, pizza, bagel) and/or play with large-sized batches of cookies, cake batter, bread etc., we highly recommend that you check out one of these DC motor-powered KitchenAid mixers.
2. Bowl size 4.5 quarts 5 quarts
3. Bowl has handle No handle

(OPTIONAL Bowl with handle available)

Yes, comes with handle
4. Bowl finish Stainless steel Check out the Designer Artisan with Glass Bowl on this page..

5. Flour power 8 cups 9 cups
6. Bread power 3.75 loaves with a single mix
4.5 loaves
7. Cookie power 6.75 dozens with a single mix
9 dozens
8. Mashed Potatoes 6.5 pounds with a single mix 7 pounds
9. Planetary Mixing Action Yes, 59 points

In contrast, this KitchenAid mixer has a 67-point planetary mixing action for complete and thorough mixing of ingredients!You can read more about the planetary mixing action on “Planetary Mixing Action – WTF?

10. Pouring shield Not included. OPTIONAL: available for purchase Included in the Artisan purchase
11. It can be locked in the ‘up’ and ‘down’ positions Can be locked in the ‘down’ position only (when the mixer is running) Can be locked in both positions – when the mixer is running as well as when the head is tilted back
12. All-steel gear transmission, Soft-start feature, Electronic speed sensor and Commercial style motor protection NO: only available on Professional level KitchenAid models. Read our KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional Mixer Comparison – 15 PROS and CONS to learn more about these premium features
13. Flat beater
The flat beater on all 3 models are nylon coated, hence, Dishwasher safe. The WHITE COLOR comes from the nylon coating. Only nylon coated attachments and stainless steel attachments can go in the dishwasher.WARNING: It’s the burnished metal attachments that CANNOT go in the dishwasher. They become dark (burnt like), if you put them in the dishwasher. So always pay attention to what your attachments are made out of, before throwing them in the DW!

Burnished Metal Attachments vs Nylon-Coated Attachments.


Burnished Metal Mixer Attachments: PROS and CONS

  1. Some users like the look and feel of metal more than those of nylon-coated attachments
  2. Nothing will ever peel out of it even after decades of use
  3. NOT Dishwasher Safe: this can be a deal breaker for some: Hear all about it from this reviewer

Nylon-Coated Mixer Attachments: Pros and Cons

  1. Others find the burnished metal attachments too gaudy looking. For them, nylon-coated attachments look and feel way better.
  2. Dishwasher SAFE
  3. They are known for one small problem, espencially when they age: Read about it here..

Bottom line: what you should opt for depends on (1) your preference based on aesthetics and (2) whether you are willing to hand wash them or not

14. Dough hook  All 3 models come with a C-shaped dough hook which is nylon coated and, hence, Dishwasher safe. If you can spare the extra cash, we recommend the S-shaped dough hook because it’s more efficient in kneading bread dough.
15. Wire whip/whisk A 6 wire-whip is included.
16. KitchenAid Warranty 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty
17. Bottom line. 7 Differences

1. Classic OR Classic Plus?

This one is easy! They’re nearly identical models with a bit of extra power on the Classic Plus (275 watts vs 250 watts). Generally, they’re priced the same.

Classic Plus wins this one

2. Classic Plus or Artisan?

This is tricky! There are several differences between the Classic Plus and Artisan.

  1. The Artisan is more powerful (325 vs 275 watts),
  2. has a bigger capacity (5 vs 4.5 quarts) and a handle,
  3. a pouring shield is included in the purchase,
  4. it comes in up to 20 different colors,
  5. its planetary mixing action coverage is better (67-point vs 59-point),
  6. it can be locked in both ‘up’ and ‘down’ positions
  7. All of the above comes at around $50 – 75 extra depending on the color you pick. The Artisan Design Series and Artisan Custom Metallic Series are more expensive.

Are the above differences CRUCIAL to you? If so, you should go with an Artisan. If the above differences are not very important to you, go with a Classic Plus and save up to $75.

3 recommendations for 3 types of users

  1. You’re a light user. You bake cakes, cookies often, but you don’t need to knead bread dough, bagel dough or pizza dough all that often. Also, you can live without the fancy colors on the Artisan series. Go get yourself a KitchenAid Classic Plus.
  2. You’re a heavy user.  Not only do you bake cakes and cookies often, you also knead bread dough, bagel dough or pizza dough regularly. Also, you want a chic stand mixer that matches your kitchen and you can afford the extra $75 or so. Go get yourself a KitchenAid Artisan.
  3. You’re an EXTRA HEAVY USER: You need to knead large batches of dough every week => Read our KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional Series Mixer Comparison – 15 PROS and CONS to see if you need something more than an Artisan.
18. Price The list price on is $349.99. However, we constantly see this on SALE for less than $200


The list price on is $349.99. However, we constantly see this on SALE for less than $200


The list price on is $459.99. However, we constantly see this on SALE for under $250


Above deal prices were valid as of 10 AM CST, Nov 18th, 2017. The deals may expire anytime after, please click the above links to check current price. Thank you.

Also don’t forget to check our page on Black Friday and Cyber Monday KitchenAid Deals


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  • Susan

    I am confused by the differences listed in the classic and artisan models. I just purchased the kitchenaid KSM85PBER Empire Red 4.5-quart Tilt-head Stand Mixer and it has the handle on the bowl and says it has 300 watts. It does not have a model specified on the mixer itself so I am confused as to which model series it falls under. Any help?

    • Ashley

      Hi Susan,

      The KSM85PBER is known as the “KitchenAid Ultra Power Series” tilt-head stand mixer. It has a 300 watt motor which places it right between the Classic Plus and the Artisan. So it’s not as powerful as the popular Artisan series, but more powerful than the 2016 Artisan Mini, Classic and Classic Plus mixers. But, when it comes to bread, cookie and mash potato yields, they’re exactly the same as those of the KitchenAid classic; 3.75 loaves of bread, 6.75 dozen cookie dough and 6.5 pounds of mash potatoes!

      You can check out more details on or

      Hope that helped!

  • Mike Evanovich

    I have a a kitchenaid mixer that is about 50 years old and it still works great. It’s hard to beat the classics.

  • We have the Classic Plus. Is there a pouring guard for it?

    • Ashley

      Sorry for the late response. Yes, there is. However, please double check the model number of your Classic Plus. Is it a KSM75? The pouring shield on fits K45SS, KSM75 KSM95, KSM150PS, KSM152PS, K4, K5, KP50, KSM5, KSM50, KSM500PS and KSM450. BTW, don’t be discouraged by the poor star rating. This is mainly because the shield doesn’t fit tight/snug with the bowl and it kind of gets in the way. However, it does the job you need it to do. You can also check and buy from who ever gives the best price. Don’t forget to read reviews on as well.

  • Karen Cargill

    Love this site your EXACT question is answered not some general thoughts that never come close…BRAVO!

  • Mary Jane

    I recently purchased a KSM150PSSMmixer. Are the 4.5 and 5-quart bowls interchangeable?

    • Ashley

      Hi Mary,

      Generally YES! I say “generally” because if the stand mixer was made in 2015 and the bowl you’re trying to interchange was made in 1980, there may may minor ‘misfits’; but other than that, you shouldn’t have any issues.

      Generally, bowls like this will fit any tilt-head mixer (Classic, Classic Plus, Ultra Power, Artisan, Artisan Designer). However, you cannot interchange bowls between tilt-head and bowl-lift models for obvious reasons!

      2016 update: note that you’ll not be able to interchange bowls between the traditional series (Classic, Classic Plus, Ultra Power, Artisan, Artisan Designer) and the all new little sister, Artisan Mini, who is 20% smaller than the rest of her big sisters!

      However, note that I won’t encourage readers to use a 5-quart bowl on a Classic, because the 250 watt motor of the Classic may have trouble mixing 5 quarts worth of cookie dough. It was meant to mix a maximum of 4.5 quarts and not 5 quarts! On the other hand, the Artisan was given a 325 watt motor to go up to 5 quarts.

      Hope that makes sense!

  • Freda

    Trying to get kitchen aid mixer. I need to know the difference between KSM85PBOB and KSM&% Classic Plus and which of the 2 is better

  • Fred

    I cannot find the correct white S hook for my Artisan model KSM150PSCU. I have already purchased one through Amazon that stated that it was for a 5 quart Artisan but it was way too long and had to return it. What is the correct part number for this option?

  • Maria Borsenik

    Does the spirilezer attach to any kitchen aid mixer model?

  • Leigh Hamilton

    I bought the 4.5 quart stand mixer and have been delighted with it for about a month. Tonight after mixing some fondant I am unable to get the bowl to unlock. I did set some powdered sugar in the air and on the mixer so thought that it may have gummed it up so set a sponge to soak but still no luck. any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  • Gisela

    I would like to know, into which series falls the KSMR15ER Kitchenaid, and if it is powerful enough for a little heavy use.
    I live in Argentina, and just found a promotion for this machine, which generally are very expensive. Thank you in advance.

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