KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional Series: 15 CRUCIAL Differences

Below we compare and contrast the mid-level Artisan and the professional-level series of stand mixers by KitchenAid under 3 sub-topics.

  1. Comparison of the KitchenAid Professional 600 vs Professional 5 Plus vs Artisan
  2. 10 PROS of the Professional Series
  3. 5 CONS of the Professional Series

KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional 5 Plus vs Professional 600 Comparison

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer

Sold for $223 on Cyber Monday

Very Close to the Cyber Monday Price here…


The Good: still very close to the cheapest price we was in 2018

The Bad: only one color available at this price 🙁


  • Check the color drop down menu for different prices for different colors
  • Make sure ‘New’ check box is checked on the left hand sidebar

(offer valid as of 10.30 AM CST 11/29/2018)

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus



KitchenAid Professional 600


Under $280 with Coupon on This Page…

Check this page with prices sorted from low to high


The Good: The Pro-600 for the price of an Artisan!!

The Bad: Coupon not available with all colors

(offer expired as of 10.30 AM CST 11/29/2018)


1. Motor 325 watts 450 watts 575 watts
Classic Plus, Artisan Mini, Artisan, Professional 5 Plus and Professional 600: all of these have AC motors (alternative current). They are great; but if you want even more power, you need a stand mixer with a DC motor (direct current) such as this 1.3 Horse Power KitchenAid mixer OR this 1.0 Horse Power KitchenAid mixer. If you do a lot of dough (bread, pizza, bagel) often and/or work with large batches/quantities, you need one of these DC motor-powered KitchenAid stand mixers.
2. Bowl size 5 quarts

Go here to check out the glass bowl option…

5 quarts 6 quarts
3. Flour power 9 cups (~1125g) 12 cups (~1500g) 14 cups (~1750g)
4. Bread power 4.5 loaves with a single mix ~6.5 loaves ~8 loaves with a single mix
5. Cookie power 9 dozens with a single mix 10 dozens with a single mix 13 dozens with a single mix
6. Mashed Potatoes 7 pounds with a single mix 7 pounds with a single mix 8 pounds with a single mix
7. Direct drive transmission Yes
8. All-steel gear transmission No Yes
9. Soft start feature No Yes

(minimizes splatter)

10. Electronic speed sensor No Yes

(monitors operation to maintain precise mixer speed)

11. Commercial style motor protection No Yes

(automatically shuts off the mixer when overload is sensed to protect the motor)

12. Flat Beater – Burnished metal or Nylon coated?

Nylon coated, hence, Dishwasher safe. The WHITE COLOR is due to the nylon coating. ONLY White color attachments can go in the dishwasher


Burnished metal! They look metallic and fancier, but get discolored in the dishwasher.

Pros and Cons of Burnished Metal Mixer Attachments:

  1. Some people like the look and feel of metal over plastic-like attachments
  2. It has no coating, therefore nothing would peel off even after 20 years
  3. NOT dishwasher friendly: Go here to hear from this reviewer to find out what happens

Pros and Cons of Nylon-Coated Mixer Attachments:

  1. Some people find the burnished metal attachments too ‘shiny’ and ‘cheesy’. They like the look and feel of nylon-coated ones better.
  2. These are dishwasher friendly
  3. But they can have one small problem as they age: Read all about it from this helpful reviewer

Bottom line: what you should opt for depends on your preference on the looks and whether you will use the dishwasher or not, to wash them!

Update: October 2017 – if your attachments or the bowl get discolored, you can try a baking soda paste or even Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleanser and Polisher (Thank you Anne)

13. Dough Hook – Burnished metal or Nylon coated?

Nylon coated, C-shaped hook. DW safe

Nylon Coated White Spiral Dough Hook.

Not burnished metal, hence dishwasher safe

Burnished metal! (Powerknead Spiral), not DW safe

14. Price Cheaper  This KitchenAid Professional Model is roughly the SAME PRICE as the Artisan – Check it out here… ~$60 – 100 more expensive depending on the model

10 PROS of a PRO model compared to an Artisan

  1. More powerful motor – 575 watts vs 325 watts
  2. Larger bowl – 6 quarts vs 5 quarts
  3. Can accommodate more flour/batter, therefore more bread and cookies with a single mix
  4. All-steel gear transmission is more reliable and durable
  5. Soft start feature minimizes splatter
  6. Commercial-style motor protection – automatically shuts off the mixer when overload is sensed to protect the motor
  7. Built-in electronic speed sensor – monitors operation to maintain precise mixer speed
  8. The spiral ‘power knead’ dough hook included with the PRO is more efficient
  9. No need to tilt the head – some people prefer the bowl-lift over the tilt-head
  10. Shorter than the Artisan when the Artisan is tilted back (the PRO is 16.5 inches in height while the Artisan is 18″ tall when the head is tilted back)

5 CONS of a PRO model compared to an Artisan

 Problem Solution
1. Price – approx. $80 – 100 more expensive depending on the model
  1. Go for a smaller Professional Series KitchenAid Bowl-Lift mixer like the PRO 500 instead of the PRO 600. This is more or less the same price as the Artisan (may even be cheaper)
  2. Look for a refurbished/used KitchenAid PRO on,, or your local thrifty/Goodwill store
 2. The fancier, burnished metal flat beater and dough hook are NOT dishwasher safe Replace the ‘Burnished Metal’ attachments with ‘Nylon Coated’ attachments. Nylon coated accessories are dishwasher safe!

1. Nylon Coated White Spiral Dough Hook

2. Nylon Coated, White Flat Beater

 3. It’s not very good for small batches – the beater/whisk can’t get to the dry ingredients at the bottom of the bowl (true at the start of mixing when the ingredients are still dry)

 No mixer is good at mixing very small quantities. But if you must, there are not 1, but 2 solutions!

1. Buy a 3 quart bowl specifically made for working with small batches

2. And/or buy a Scraper Beater. The rubber ‘scraper’ brushes tight against the bowl-wall and picks up even the tiniest of amounts!

4. ~Five pounds heavier than the Artisan – A PRO model is ~30 pounds while an Artisan is ~25 pounds in weight

There aren’t any attachments to make it lighter  🙂 It has to have a dedicated counter top space. Storing it in a cabinet and moving it to a counter top when you want to use it, may not be a healthy option for your back

5. ~2.5 inches taller than the Artisan – the artisan is generally about 14 inches while the Professional 600 is ~16.5 inches. This will be a problem only if the space between your kitchen counter top and the hanging cupboards above it is less than 16.5 inches.However, don’t forget that the shorter tilt-head model becomes taller than the bowl-lift professional model when the head is tilted back (from 14 inches to now ~18 inches).

Pull it out from under the cabinet when you’re ready to use it. Make sure you have some kind of a slippery mat under the mixer, so that you can easily pull it out and push it back under the hanging cabinets once your job is finished.

Bottom line

Clearly, the PROS of the Professional Series outweigh its CONS.

Our Recommendation

It’s common sense that features like:

  1. all-steel gear transmission is more reliable and durable than a plastic gear-system,
  2. the soft start feature minimizes splatter at the start of a round of mixing,
  3. the commercial-style motor protection system which forces the machine to automatically shut down when overload is sensed, and
  4. the built-in electronic speed sensor which continuously monitors mixer operation clearly give an edge to the professional series.

If you can afford to invest the extra ca$h, by all means go for a Professional Series KitchenAid mixer.

If you can’t afford to invest the extra ca$h, by all means go for a Artisan or Classic Plus. 99% of the time, you wouldn’t have a problem

Yet, you might wonder why the Artisan is so much more popular than the Professional series mixers. Well… that’s likely because (1) of the huge color variations available with the Artisan, (2) the slightly competitive price of the Artisan, and (3) because home-use doesn’t necessarily call for those professional features.


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  • Katie

    Hmm… if the Pro models are so much better than the Artisan like you say, why is the Artisan so much more popular than the Pro 600?


    • Ashley

      That’s a VERY GOOD observation Katie, we think the choice of colors has to do something with it. The Artisan is available in ~30 colors whereas the Pro models are available in about 12 colors. Also, one could argue that the “so much better” features of a Pro are not NEEDED by the average housewife. But if those “better features” come at no extra cost, and if there isn’t any negativity about those pro features, why go for an Artisan? The same price, better features => I’ll go for a KitchenAid PRO all day!

      Hope that answers your questions!
      Have an awesome day 🙂
      Ashley and Natalie

    • Karen

      Because the Artisan is Very Heavy so I’m assuming the Pro is even worse!
      I think it would be overkill…

      • Ashley

        The Artisan is 26 pounds and the Pro 600 is 29 pounds. Guess how heavy the new Artisan Mini is…. 19 pounds 🙂

    • Cat

      Most people don’t need a pro series, that’s why. I bake professionally so pro series makes more sense not just because of large batch capacity but also because of the superior all steel gear parts and more power which stands up to nearly all day, everyday use.

  • Bertha Mendoza

    What exactly does refurbished mean? Reliable or not,?

    • Christopher Smith

      A friend of mine bought a refurbished Artisan about 10 years ago, still going strong with occasional use.

  • “The average housewife”? What is this, 1954. There are women breadwinners and stay at home dads these days.

    • Ashley

      Apologies Rob, any suggestions on how we should correct that? “The average cook”?

    • Brad

      Lighten up cupcake.

    • Gabe

      Get over the political correctness.

    • Fripp

      Thank you for speaking up, Rob. Starting that conversation is a great way to change the conversation. Thankfully, that ridiculous gender stereotype stuck out as annoying to someone else, too. “Average housewife,”…pffft! Many military systems (I don’t know about the U.S.) require proficiency in cooking, sewing, and nutrition as a part of basic training. And THIS lighthearted “cupcake” ain’t your flippin’ Betty Crocker!

      For future purposes, I’m sure “average/ consumer cook/ home cook/ casual cook” (as opposed to Professional/Commercial/Restaurant Chef) would work well and even be more accurate. We live and learn, my friends. For all you “get over the politically correctness” whiners out there, educate yourself and sit down.

      Ashley, THANK YOU for the friendly and helpful comparison info! I have been looking everywhere for this. I will definitely be getting the Pro series.

      • Ashley

        I like “average/regular home cook”. Thanks for the suggestion!
        Have a lovely day!

      • Liz

        Haha, Sounds like Rob’s wife wears the pants in his house.

        • Carson

          You ladies are nasty 🙂 love it though…

        • Gordon

          You do know that everyone’s allowed to wear pants nowadays, right? And that marriage isn’t an automatic dominant/submissive relationship?

          Like Rob himself said: it’s not 1954.

      • Marnie Lazarescu

        Tolerance please. Because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to try to change how others think or speak. Tolerance and freedom of speech and thought. This a Kitchenaid conversation and no one needs social conditioning.

    • Andrew

      Agreed, I feel like I’m looking at The American Woman Cookbook.

      -work from home husband

    • Michael

      hey! don’t knock 1954, that was when I was born! Oh, yeah, I guess that makes your point since I’m the stay at home that is interested in the mixer. I’m happy that there are still appliances that seem to be made the old fashioned way that last a lifetime.

  • i am a home baker and i am thinking of starting a small business, which kitchenaid do you think will suit me and i want the mixer to be in grape colour . money is not a problem . Please send me a link . thank you

    • Robsy

      Santana, it’s obvious which you should purchase. If between the Artisan and Pro, get the Pro. I think for the price it’s better than the Artisan, even for homemakers. The reason is I’d never want to be limited to just baking cookies or cakes. What if I want to try an awesome bread recipe I find, for example, or someone asks for home-baked bread some night? Another simple reason is quality of product. All steel gears is a no brainer. Lastly, you get more bang for less buck with the Pro! The solutions to any cons experienced with the Pro are easier to fix than the inability to fix the cons of an Artisan.

      • Ashley

        Couldn’t have agreed more Robsy!

        “you can cook small in a big wok, but you can’t cook big in a small wok” can ya now?

  • Kelly Adams

    Great website! My head was spinning trying to decide which one to buy. However, one last question: I have seen KA stand mixers for sale that have the name epicurean on the side of them. Is there a page that describes their features?

    • Ashley

      Hey Kelly,

      I don’t intend to be a KitchenAid pundit. I’ll be the first to admit that this is the first time I’m hearing about the KA Epicurean 🙁

      It appears to be a (not too popular) older model of a bowl-lift type of stand mixer similar to the KA Professional. It’s also probably on sale because it’s an older model. If you look at the customer reviews on, you’ll see that all the reviews are from the years 2000 – 2001.

      Its 475 watt motor sits right in between the 325 watts of the Artisan and the 575 watts of the Professional 600. It’s out of stock on Amazon,,, etc. That tells me that you shouldn’t buy it despite the sale price!

      Hope that helps!

  • Judy

    In reply to why the artisan is more popular, there are several reasons. First, as mentioned, it comes in a wide array of colors. Second, the pro series is much taller, and often won’t fit under the kitchen cabinets. Another reason is, the tilt head, in my and many other opinions, is much easier to use than the lift bowl. I would take the artisan over the pro in a second except for one thing. I like making grainy breads and the artisan really strains to get the job done. On the other hand, I have very little counter space and a clearance of only 14 1/2″ under my cabinets. What to do?? Why can’t they make a higher wattage all metal artisan model. I don’t care about the color. I put a cover on it anyway.

    • Ashley

      Thank you Judy for giving an even more comprehensive answer than we did! Really appreciate that!

      Ashley and Natalie

    • Sara

      Kitchenaid did make a 5 qt stand mixer called Accolade that is 400 watts, has all-steel gear transmission and soft start feature. And it came in a lot of colors. I don’t know why they stopped making it. But you might be able to find a used or refurbished one somewhere.

      • Brenda

        I have the Accolade 400 – refurbished. I had an old Kitchen Aid that I passed down to my daughter. I do not like my Accolade. Didn’t like it from day one!! It is extremely loud and the bowl will not stay tight in the grooves. I’ve read that Kitchen Aid mixers are no longer made by Hobart (my old one was) and that the quality has diminished. I want a better KA but I hesitate to buy another one and definitely will not get a refurbished one.

  • Lauren Frew

    A con of the professional is only 12 months warranty, Artisan has 5 years. I really wanted to get a professional but you have to fork out alot more for the head lift model (compared to bowl lift) compared to the artisan and you only get 12 months warranty which is a bummer.

    • Marcus Norotn

      Lauren I don’t know when you posted but that isn’t correct. I just looked on a number of different sites and they all listed 1 year warranties on the Artisan.

      I am thinking that they come with equivalent warranties.

  • Kenneth Austin

    I’m contemplating a KA purchase and am torn between the Pro and Artisan. I only bake at home and for others on occasion, but truly believe in getting the best bang for the buck. After surveying some good deals on EBay, I began to wonder about the year some of these great deals were manufactured, even if they are still new in the box. New models equate to better material to me. Is there a way to determine the year manufactured and this article has me leaning toward the Pro series. Good info!

  • I have used both the artisan and pro models. I am a housewife that loves to cook and bake. If you make a lot of breads the pro series is the model you want. If you don’t use your machine for anything but cakes and cookies etc. The artisan is awesome. The extra wattage with the pro series is essential to withstanding long term kneading of heavy dough. I hope this helps.

    • Crystal

      I have an Artisan right now, and have become somewhat of a bread baker along with they typical cakes/cookies/other. I definitely agree that the Artisan struggles with the motor on some of these bread recipes. I will be looking for a Pro upgrade for exactly that reason!

  • Robbsy

    Such a concise, well-written, well-thought-out, informative, well-researched article of comparison! This solved my dilemma of which to choose and a Pro it is! Thank you so very much!

    • Ashley

      Hey, thanks for the awesome and encouraging comment. It is comments like these that keep us going! Happy Cyber Monday and Happy Holidays to everybody!

  • Rob

    Lauren Free: I looked into the warranty info as well and saw 12 months for both artisan and pro.

  • Joan Bandy

    I am reading on the Amazon website the a popular Black Friday “Pro HD” model I bought today has some addition drawbacks I wish I’d known about before purchasing. They may not outweigh the negatives, but I’m not yet sure. I bought the KSM657. Can’t complain much at $250, BUT, the reviewer said to note that there were fewer accessories for this model due to it being a “Costco/Sam’s” make/model. She was correct in that the rubber scraper whisks exclude this particular model. It’s such a long bowl, and is stainless…I’m a little concerned about it not getting to those small amounts in the bottom. Which leads to the second problem. She said NO ONE makes extra side or finish bowls for this model? Yikes. So, if I want a smaller bowl, I can’t get that either? No flour shield for it (which I may not need with a soft start motor and high bowl?) and a difference in the number of tines on the whisk by …six or so. Some say it really affects their aeration of fluffy items. As compared to my WalMart handheld mixer, I’m suspecting that won’t be an issue for me, but nonetheless, it is a comparison. I am a bit more worried about the limit on bowls and not finding a rubber beater. Has another tried the “trim down” method, or using the 5 Quart bowls? I saw both of these mentioned as possibilities, but no firm evidence.

    • Robsy

      After reading your comment I am concerned about what you spent your hard-earned money on! For merely $9.99 more on Amazon you could get the right model which allows for all attachments! Even if you got a deal, no money is worth spending if you are limited in what you can do/attach! I’m telling you, go with Amazon! I too contemplated whether I needed to get the spill-proof guard that goes around the top of the bowl but thought it wouldn’t be necessary with the slow-start feature so that allows for more savings. And think of what is saved when a longer life is afforded from buying a better quality machine! I will write again and let all know my findings concerning the lack of a spill-guard once I try it out.

  • Robsy

    Hi everyone! Last night I purchased my KitchenAid Pro 500 Series Mixer in Empire Red (KV25GOXER) on Amazon which, after much comparison, offered the very best deal with free shipping before Christmas! The mixer is for our household and I plan on using it to make delicious desserts on Christmas. The total came out to somewhere around $259.99, a steal for such a brilliant machine that will last a very long time! I performed multiple mock check-outs on every big box site I could think of (Best Buy, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Target & Sears), and each and every time, Amazon had the best deal without requiring a coupon code, plus the price of the Pro 500 machine beat out that of the Artisan. I’m confident that I got the best product for the very best price! After reading this article, I knew exactly what to look for but was shocked to see that many of the big box stores didn’t even offer the exact model and color I wanted (KV25GOXER). I will consult Trendy Kitchen on all future purchases and buy on Amazon. Not only did Amazon beat every price, they displayed all pertinent product info so I could ensure I was getting the steel gears, slow start, and overload protection features. On a few sites, namely Best Buy, I was looking at the Pro 500 KA mixer but under product info it said “No” under whether it had overload protection and there was no mention about engine material! So happy I found this site, Amazon’s super deals with thorough descriptions, and my beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer! Thanks again Trendy Kitchen! Happy Holidays!

    • Ashley

      Congrats on your purchase Robsy! And thanks a ton for the wonderful testimonial on Trendy Kitchen. Happy Holidays to you too. We’ll be trying to brush up our reviews some more during the holidays.

      • Robsy

        Thank YOU Ashley! I look forward to utilizing the reviews!

  • mari

    Hi, the review that I watched on Americas Test Kitchen (you can videostream it) said that torque was more important than wattage. Can you compare the torque between these models.

  • Maria

    Have been trying to decided between the Artisan and the Pro series for some time now. After reading these I have finally come to a decision : It will be the pro series 🙂
    I am a gluten free woman and gluten free bread int he stores is nasty,nasty. I have found several recipes for gluten free bread to make at home which taste much better. (Iv tried a few ) So I felt with all of the advice that the pro series will better handle the amount of bread I will be making 🙂
    Also my special needs grand daughter lives,loves to bake and decorate cookies so,being able to make 13 batches at one time is AMAZING 🙂 Whoop,whoop.
    Now just praying for God to,provide the funds for the pro series 🙂
    Thanks to everyone for the wonderful advice & very helpful informations!

  • I plan to purchase a KA stand mixer this week. I wanted to purchase from COSTCO because I like there return policy. I saw a previous comment about Sams and COSTCO versions not having attatchments..any feedback is appreciated..


    • Susan

      I have not not had any issues in my pro hd mixer and attachments. Husband got my mixer at sams

      • Ashley

        @ Susan,
        Thank you for sharing your experience with the Pro HD. I have personally not used it. May I know for how long you’ve had it?
        Happy Holidays!

  • pam

    I make royal icing with my KP26, and it becomes gray at the edges of the metal bowl. Why? Any solutions?


  • Shiri

    Hi, The information you have given is very helpful but I’m still confused about the different professional models, is there a difference between the Kitchenaid professional 5 plus and the professional 500 series?

    • ann

      I’ve been comparison shopping, too, and read about this issue elsewhere. It has to do with a residue that can be left over from the polishing process. Supposedly harmless except for the discoloration but apparently Kitchenaid recommends tackling it with either lemon & salt, a baking powder paste (baking powder & water), or Barkeeper’s Friend. I’ve got the latter so that’s what I’d go for – it certainly works wonders on other things – but the person whose account I read didn’t have that on hand and used the baking powder method, with success (although I think she said it took a couple of times).

      Probably applies to a lot of other goods as well.

      as an aside: count me in as another vote for “average home cook” or something along those lines.

      • Ashley


        That is a great Tip. I have used both lemon and salt as well as baking powder paste with decent success. But, have never tried Barkeeper’s friend. I see that there are a whole lot of products from them. I presume it’s the “Cookware cleanse and polish” that’s the right cleaner. You can see their whole range of kitchen product range on


  • Zelarn

    I have the Kitchen Aid Artisan which I love but last night when I was at Target I found a Kitchen Aid Professional series for $220.00. It was an online item returned to the store. I had to buy it but wasn’t sure if I’d keep it or the Artisan. I’m so glad i found this website which put things into perspective for me. After reading the posts and comments I decided to keep the Professional

  • Jessica

    I just bought a Professional 600 6-quart lift stand mixer. The lift is full of a greasy substance (i assume in order to glide the lift up and down), but it got all over my hand, and I can imagine once I start cooking, food (flour!!) will get stuck in the grease and it’ll be a huge mess! Is this grease supposed to be there????

    • Adrienne Anderson

      I am concerned about the longevity of the bowl lift? Any thoughts. Is it easy to attach the bowl since it does not sit on the base. Does it ever fall off?

  • Lesa Ibarra

    I purchased the professional series 600. I made a triple batch of bagels as this machine was supposed to be able to handle heavy dough/knead mixtures. After 4 minutes the motor was smoking. I returned it and bought another the same but now am nervous and cut my triple receipe in half while mixing and kneading which is a huge pain! Any thoughts? Is there a better upgraded Kitchen Aid mixer?

  • Raymond Valadez

    Katie it’s all about the color selection. You have more colors to chose from in the artisan

  • Monica

    I’m considering purchasing a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer and am looking at 2 particular models – the KSM150PS and the KSM150PSER. Other than the approximately $50 difference in the sale price that is being offered, there is no particular information on the packaging that explains the difference between these two models. Could you describe what the difference(s) may be? Thank you.

  • Jacquie

    Costco currently has a Kitchen Aide stand mixer; I’m assuming it is a pro series, for an incredible price, $269. However, the model # is not listed in your comparisons AND, when I got it home, one of the “tines” of the beater was unattached. I’m taking it back, but should I get another one? Even though the price is great, I must purchase replacement blades to get the coated ones, which adds to the price. Model # is KP26M9XCER. Thank you!

    • Ashley

      Not sure if my answer reaches you in time! Yes, indeed that’s a Pro-600 and that’s a good price. However, if you check the current Black Friday 2016 deals on Kohl’s, you can get one for ~$230. You can see full details of the Professional 600 deal on

  • Bill

    Best buy now has them on sale as of 22 Nov 16.
    Regular price for the pro 5 500.00
    Sale 199.99
    If ya want the classic or artisan wallyworld has them on sale for 189.00

  • Lien

    I want to buy KitchenAid Pro 500 (Model number KV25GOXER). However, it’s shown as discontinue item on Amazon. Today is Nov. 24, 2016. There is a sale going on for a very good price ($199). I was wondering if it’s wise to buy item that is listed as discontinue? Please share your thought. Thank you!

  • Anna

    I am more confused then ever before. The pro series I am interested in costs600.00 plus dollars. All metal gere 1.3 or 1.00 ph. Looking to make a lot of breads and pastry too. So confused as to which one is best. Understanding is that certain stores provide their own add ons. I want one that has options for all attachments. I want heavy duty mixer. I want glass bowls and I want option coated blades with dogh hook attach. Not sure which dough hook is best or what the differences in the hooks are. I am really hoping to find one on sale too of course. I hope to use this for home use and one day for opening a coffee and dessert shop one day. Help Anna

    • ANGELIQUE Goetsch

      I am interested in the same things. I want the KA. That will allow me to have all the add on (make noodles, etc.) and glass when I am ready to purchase
      Which KA.s allow for this?

  • I would like to get a KA pro 6500 series, frosted pearl, with glass bowl and stainless steel finish,

  • Tonya

    Are the kitchenaid attachments universal to all the mixers?

  • Sonya Brozek

    I have a Professional 5 plus (5qt) in Sliver.

    I just was looking on KithenAid webpage for attachment options and notice this model is not even on the site. Do you know if it is a discontinued model ?

    And I somehow can’t help wonder if maybe it was only made for retail stores chains etc.

  • Devin

    This is a fantastic comparison of the Kitchenaid Professional 600 and Artisan. I was about to buy the Artisan and now going to buy the Professional 600 after reading this review.
    Thank you for an awesome review again.

  • Vikki

    So are there others that are disappointed by the finish of their KitchenAid mixer? The whisk from my new Artisan KSM160 ended up in the dishwasher and the aluminium has discoloured and leaves marks all over. My previous mixer was a Kenwood, now 25 years old and still going strong. I replaced the whisk from it a long time ago and Kenwood hasn’t used aluminium for its’ similar parts for many years. I am also not happy with the quality of workmanship of the chrome disc the bowl sits on – it looks cheap and trashy. Just some observations because I was a bit disappointed…..

  • Paz

    Hi, Im sooo confused right now, I hope you can help me. Where I live (Chile, southamerica) the pro 5 plus is not available. So I have to choose between the artisan (here is about usd$550) or the pro heavy duty 6.9L (this one is about usd$960, A LOT). I need the bigger capacity of the pro 6.9L but I dont really know if is worth the money, I mean I would last twice the time if working with the artisan, but is half the price. I work selling cookies, cupcakes etc so I bake pretty much everyday, I dont know if the artisan can handle that either. Besides I was reading some reviews on amazon and they pretty much trashed the Pro 6.9. So I dont even know anymore hahahha

  • Sandra

    I have never owned a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Would like to buy one. I do not know much about them. In the past couple years I have burned out 3 handheld mixers. I probably need something stronger. I would be using it to make dough for Walnut Rolls, cakes, cookies, maybe soft breads sometimes? I like the original style of the Mixer, I am not a fan of the lift bowl style.
    I saw this model on sale at Sears- KitchenAid KSM105GBC 5-Qt. Mixer with Glass Bowl. Today IS July 21, 2017 and it is on sale for $199.99. Can you please let me know if this would be a good buy? Thank you for your help!!!

  • Claire warner

    As an employee that works at Canadian Tire and sell these two different products we have clientel for both. Those who want to do cookies,cakes etc the artisan is great. We are fortunate to also have clientel from different cultural backgrounds that require a stronger motor eg: the proffessional 5/6 that goes even further to do breads, pasta and usage of the accessories for meat grinding etc. Wonderful and useful investement to have overall.

  • You say that the Pro 600 has a flower power of 8 cups. And that is the equivalent of 14 loaves of bread. Really?

    According to the flour vendors, a cup of flour weighs 120 to 130 grams So, we’re looking at 1,040 grams of flour. If your bread dough is at 70% hydration, that puts the dough weight at 1,768 grams, and the weight of each of the 14 loaves at 126 grams, or around 1/4 pound.

    Looking at it another way, 8 cups of flour in 14 loaves of bread, which means each loaf will have 8/14 or 4/7 of a cup, or just over 1/2 cup of flour.

    Dang, you make some awfully small loaves!

    • Ashley

      First of all, thank you for stopping by Trendy Kitchen.
      Your calculations make perfect sense if you didn’t get flour power and loaf power in a tangle 🙂 We say 14 cups of flour to make 8 loaves of bread, not the other way as you have pointed out. Redoing the math will give you 8 loaves of ~370g weight each. I think that’s a decent loaf of bread, wouldn’t you agree? (125g/cup X 14 cups X 1.7 (hydration factor) = 2975g for 8 loaves = 371g per loaf)
      Thank you again for stopping by!

  • Wes

    Hello Ashley,
    When searching for info about differences between the mixers the only consideration my wife and I had was the likelihood of small batches , we just went with the KP26M9XCER from Costco for the seasonal reduced price of 249.00, the free shipping and the hopefully unnecessary simplified return process…..( and we love Costco! ). For small bat hes I found the 3 quart bowl and whisk combo on Amazon for 47.99, (dishwasher safe). I have read that with the setup alignement process the 6 quart bowl does an excellent job of small batches, but we wanted a second bowl anyway. An additional note: the 600 Pro HD is now listed as having a 590 watt motor.

    • Ashley

      Thank you Wes for sharing your experience. $249 is one heck of a deal! Congrats! Yes, indeed the 3 quart bowl is a great option if you wanted to do that small batch once in a while. You can’t fit a 6-quart bowl on an Artisan Mini; but you CAN fit a 3-quart bowl on a Professional 600. If I remember right, we already make that point in our KitchenAid professional 600 review.

      OH OK, thanks for the info on the wattage of the DC motor of the 6000 Pro HD. Shall share that info with the rest of the readers.

      Many thanks again and happy holidays!

  • Charlene (Canada)

    Excellent side by side comparison of models. Kitchen Aid should take note of this for their website, as should others. So many sites are lacking information for accurate comparison; which is needed due to such mixed comments on pros and cons from users and problems they have had even with metal gears. Great job! Thank you

    • Ashley

      @ Charlene,

      Wow, thank you for those words. They mean a lot to us. We try to deliver as much as possible; however, I’ll be the first to admit that my busy schedule has taken me away from updating and maintaining this site. I want to do so much more, like review newer models; share recipes etc. etc. But kids, family and work (J.O.B.) gets in the way more often than not! Encouraging comments like these make me wanna divert more attention to my KitchenAid reviews. I should make that a new year resolution for 2018 😉

      Thank you again Charlene!
      Happy holidays and all the best for upcoming 2018, to Charlene and all our readers.

  • Kavita

    I want to buy KA for few years but confused between professional Heavy Duty and Professional 5 plus. I cannot find comparison between two. Also looking to buy smaller size bowl with flour blade with it. Any suggestions

    • Ashley

      @ Kavita,
      Sorry we missed your comment earlier. The KitchenAid Professional Heavy Duty is slightly more powerful than the 5 Plus (475 watts vs 450 watts). Other than that, most specs are not significantly different. However, we recommend the Professional 600 over both above models. Sometimes, during this holiday seazon, you can even get the Pro 600 cheaper than the Heavy Duty and the 5-Plus. Check out our sidebar for some real good 2017 Christmas promotions.
      Hope that helps!

  • Ria

    I️ am still confused between professional 5 plus and professional heavy duty from sams club. Any suggestion on which one to buy

  • Hi,
    I bought KA professional 600 5 quart mixer, the main reason i wanted is to make roti ( chapathi) / wheat tortillas , sometimes i knead 4 to 5 cups of flour and sometimes i knead only 2 cups . It does the job perfectly for 4-5 cups but for smaller quantity like 2 cups it does not at all , the flour sticks to the bottom or corners where the spiral hook does not reach. I am really new to machine mixing. Do i need to return 5 quart and take less than that size? Please help.
    Thank you.

  • Jack Watkins

    Wow! I was just looking to see which mixer is best, got a few good answers and then somebody had to go into the PC crap. Please keep the politics out of the kitchen some of us old timers just like to bake! Now can we get back to the performance of the mixers please?

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