Planetary Mixing Action of Stand Mixers – WTF?

If mixers were designed this way, the batter in A and B areas would not get properly mixed

Planetary mixing action of stand mixers

Assume that the red line is the wall of the bowl and the blue line is the path of the beater. Assume that the beater is at “0” at the start. After turning on, it would go from 1 – 6 in an elliptical shape, in a clockwise direction. This is similar to the pathway of planets. If it takes the same path every time, the batter on A and B areas won’t get mixed.

An 8-point planetary action is much better than the former, but still far from perfect

Planetary mixing action 8 point system

This shows the pathway of a beater in an 8-point planetary mixing action. Kind of like 8 planets going around the sun! The batter in A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H areas still don’t get mixed properly.

A 16-point planetary mixing action is better, but the 67-point system of the KitchenAid Artisan would be awesome

Planetary mixing action 16 point system

This shows the pathway of a beater in an 16-point planetary mixing action. That is, the beater touches the wall of the bowl at 16 points! Now, the areas that won’t get mixed is much less. Now, can you imagine how well your batter gets mixed when it’s a 67-point planetary mixing action like on the KitchenAid Artisan mixer!!

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  • Deepa

    Very well explained, Thanks!

  • Thanks for description.
    So, what item – Part Number – do I need to order the 59 point system for Kitchenaid Artesian mixer?

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